Mistakes To Avoid With Bridal Shoes

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As much as an important role the gown plays at a wedding, the shoes too matter. Though it might seem otherwise because of the long gown, it is in fact a little detail that goes a long way. So here are some mistakes you need to be mindful of when it comes to these bridal shoes.

Not prioritizing comfort

On your wedding day you aren’t going to be sitting too long. You would have to mingle with guests, walk around and even dance. And so when you are aware of these beforehand you need to carefully choose the shoes you should be wearing. Whether these are block heels or not is a choice that you need to make after considering your comfort. If you are someone who has never worn heels for your life, this isn’t the place to experiment with six inch heels. Always pick shoes that you would feel comfortable and works well with your body. This way you can make sure you would be having fun the whole time at your big day and not complaining about aching feet! If you are interested about block heels you can visit this website https://www.eosfootwear.com/.

Not wearing these beforehand

No one would want to wear a new pair of womens sandals Australia shoes that they have bought beforehand for a primary purpose or event. This is usually since we tend to think that they might be ruined even before the actual day comes. However with shoes you need to wear them beforehand. If you don’t break in your wedding shoes and leave it to be worn for the first time on your big day, there is a high chance that you would be struggling with cuts and hurting feet. So wear them around your house and walk around with it, this way they would feel much more comfortable to bear with.

Not packing an extra pair

While you are getting ready with all the makeup, the hair, the accessories and everything else, you cannot really move about in heels. Although some do suggest that you walk around in them while you get ready, for comfort purposes it would be best if you bring a pair of comfy slippers with you. This way you can relax feet until you really have to get in to those heels.

Not matching the shoes and the gown

The height of your shoes helps determine the length of your gown. And so when tailoring the gown to your size it is essential that you have already planned out your footwear to match with it. If the gown is going to be something really long and covering your feet then you might need to wear higher heels. But if you are planning on rocking it barefoot or in simple flats (if you are really tall or pregnant) then you need to make sure that the length of dress is long enough to cover it up. So make sure to match your shoes and dress right! Take the above mistakes in to account and make sure to avoid them when you are deciding on your bridal shoes!